The Little Dorm Cookbook

Ok I'm in collage.... AND on a diet, Calorie counting. So most people think oh there went all of her calorie count since there is posibly only a microwave and cafateria food since she lives in a dorm... WRONG WAY WRONG. I barely come out of my dorm becouse I had found MANY things that you can make IF you have the right tools AND SOME OF MY RESIPIES USES VEGAN COMPONIES!

Also most of my resipies has eye meserments since I need to tweek some of them. :)


4. garlic blanket dogs discovered fall 2013

a twist to pigs in the blanket UBBER SUPER SIMPLE TO DO!!!

serving size 2 garlic dogs: 170 cal


1 Taco shell SMALL (I use CHi-CHi's in the calorie count but any hot shells would work)

butter spry or any other spredible butter

Garlic salt

onion powder

2 hot dogs (I use hebew natinal but any hot dogs would work)

CAL COUNT entire resapie: 170

1.  split the taco shell in half and put butter on one (1) side of the shells to a very thin layer.

2. put garlic salt and onion powder on that side with the butter make sure that you sped it to an  layer that is to your likeing.

3 place the hot dog on the edge with the spice mixture up and wrap it downword to where the whole dog is wraped, do the same for the other one. HINT: while useing a plate or anything place the dogs place the end of the wrap down so that the edge can inhese itself.

4 place in microwave for 1-2min afterwords use whatever you like as in condoments but I sugest trying it plain first

5 Enjoy

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