The Little Dorm Cookbook

Ok I'm in collage.... AND on a diet, Calorie counting. So most people think oh there went all of her calorie count since there is posibly only a microwave and cafateria food since she lives in a dorm... WRONG WAY WRONG. I barely come out of my dorm becouse I had found MANY things that you can make IF you have the right tools AND SOME OF MY RESIPIES USES VEGAN COMPONIES!

Also most of my resipies has eye meserments since I need to tweek some of them. :)


7. chocolate cinoman suger cream cheese spread discovered: week of 5/5/2014

Epic spread to put on anything... or nothing at all!!!

1 serving- entire respire 70 calories!

2 Tablespoon of Philadelphia 1/3 fat Cream cheese spread

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon of sugar

1 Teaspoon of chocolate soy milk

1 small container


1. Put the Cinnamon, sugar together and shake the container slightly to mix the two ingredients till you can't see the sugar.

2. add the Soy-milk

3. add cream cheese and FOLD/stir until there is NO WHITE in the dish (or at least there is very little)

4 Spread on the item of your choice or enjoy with a spoon.



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