The Little Dorm Cookbook

Ok I'm in collage.... AND on a diet, Calorie counting. So most people think oh there went all of her calorie count since there is posibly only a microwave and cafateria food since she lives in a dorm... WRONG WAY WRONG. I barely come out of my dorm becouse I had found MANY things that you can make IF you have the right tools AND SOME OF MY RESIPIES USES VEGAN COMPONIES!

Also most of my resipies has eye meserments since I need to tweek some of them. :)


3. Chicken Enchallada dip (or thick soup) discovered on 3-19-2014

This you can use at a party as a dip or just a nice meal!

servings 1 person (or more) with 760 for entire recipe.


Crock pot

seprite Microwave dish

1 can of Progresso Chicken and Cheese Enchalada soup.

1/2 cup of Fit & Active Rice (or any other rice brand would do)

1 Pouch (or 1/2 cup)- Petrige Farm Flavor Blasted Chedder Goldfish

Miss Dash Lemon and Hurb seasioning

chilli powder

2 Tablespoons of Ragu Cheesy Creations Creamy Tomato sause

1-2 Tablespoons of Prego Artision Three Cheese Alfredo sause

2-5 crackers

1. Cook rice in a seprite dish to cook rice perfectly.

2 Meanwhile or take the soup put the whole can in the crock pot (and peel off education lable if in us and school exseps the boxtops for education)  cook intill liquid form.

3 put the rice in the soap and let it cook till condasation forms on the lid and stir ocationly to keep ingredeans from sinking to mutch.

4 In between stirs take the Goldfish with the crackers and crush them up with a little bit of chilly powder and Lemon Hurb sesaioning and shake the mixture till it is completely mixed together then add it to the crock pot and stir it carefuly in to where everything is either submerged or covered with the soup.

5 turn off crock pot till soap thickens up again..

6 turn the Crock pot back on and let mixture warm up till it is just hot enough to eat (turn to low heat to keep it warm.)

7 enjoy!!!

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