The Little Dorm Cookbook

Ok I'm in collage.... AND on a diet, Calorie counting. So most people think oh there went all of her calorie count since there is posibly only a microwave and cafateria food since she lives in a dorm... WRONG WAY WRONG. I barely come out of my dorm becouse I had found MANY things that you can make IF you have the right tools AND SOME OF MY RESIPIES USES VEGAN COMPONIES!

Also most of my resipies has eye meserments since I need to tweek some of them. :)


9. beefy, cheesy, Cinnamon sugar, Hot dog stir fry.

Ok this dish sounds weird, I know.  But this is a perfect dish when you just want something sweet but it is for lunch or dinner.  

Serving size entire dish:  375 calories.

All you need:

1 2/3 cup of Fit and active Instant rice

2 97% fat free beef hot dogs Hebrew national

3 laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream cheese spread

Crock pot

 Optional: extra Cinnamon sugar mixture

1 cook the rice in the crock pot till the rice is soft but not to where you can easily squishes it. Once cooked, drain completely.

2 cut or pull apart the hot dog into bite sized pieces and stir into the rice

3 Add the laughing cow into the rice and stir completely for a few minutes in till the cheese is creamy and coats the mixture.

4 Optional part add more cinnamon sugar here is how to do it:


1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon of sugar

Here is the directions

1Put the Cinnamon, sugar together and shake the container slightly to mix the two ingredients till you can't see the sugar.

2  put as much as you want into the dish and stir. Don’t forget to taste the dish while doing this


5. let the mixture heat up and enjoy

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