The Turning

What's happening to me? I can feel myself changing...
Now I'm stronger, faster. I feel lethargic in sunlight.
I can't enter houses without being invited in.
I know what this means... B-But that's not possible, right?!
I c-can't be a...


1. Prologue

A lot of guys think that being a vampire would be pretty cool.

I mean, come on, super-speed, super-strength, night vision?

All good, right?


Not really.

Yes, you get all that, but then there's the other stuff.

Unable to sleep.

Forced to kill, to live.

Avoiding sunlight, so you don't faint on contact.

It kinda sucks, really.

And then there's the immortality.

A blessing and a curse, all in one.

Living forever, doing whatever you want.

Living eternally, watching all your loved ones die around you.

You want to live the un-life of a vampire?

You're an idiot.

Listen to this.

Listen to my story.

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