The time of our lives

Borderline yellow

3 best friends

Sophia: Loving, understanding, and has a normal life.

Ashley: Strong, brave, has a few years to live.

Victoria: Depressed, weak, can't stand the fact that her best friend is dying.

These 3 best friends have the best summer of their lives before something happens to change their lives and friendships forever. If only they could handle it.


4. chapter 2 Sophia

Sophia I wake up to the smell of bacon. I stretch feeling my bare feet, I dig the covers to find my socks and put them on. I walk across my room to my loft, climb up and get my book. I brush my long wavy blonde hair. I put on a pair of short-shorts and a crop top. I ran down the stairs " HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!" Screams my whole family. "Thanks! But mom can we please go to the hospital to see Ashley, and I want Victoria to come too." I hopefully ask my understanding mother. Putting another bite of bacon in her mouth. She nods gesturing to my brother I smile and run upstairs to get my stuff.

He honked his horn telling me to hurry up I put on my EOS and then slide into my new purse. I turn off the lights to my room then run downstairs. I hope in the car and drive down the street to Victoria's house. Once we got there I hop out and knock on her door. Her sister, Annabel, comes to the door an then Victoria comes pushing her out of the way. She hugs me and says "Happy birthday bestie!" "Thanks! Still up for tonight? I ask. She nods and gets in the back. Ashley's been in the hospital for months but I've only seen her a few times. It's her last week in the hospital and I can't wait to see her.

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