The time of our lives

Borderline yellow

3 best friends

Sophia: Loving, understanding, and has a normal life.

Ashley: Strong, brave, has a few years to live.

Victoria: Depressed, weak, can't stand the fact that her best friend is dying.

These 3 best friends have the best summer of their lives before something happens to change their lives and friendships forever. If only they could handle it.


5. chapter 2 Ashley

I hear a knock on the door my mom gets up I reach for my black beanie I where when people visit me. It was my nurse, Wendy, she places a mask on my face " Two teenage girls are here, uhh... Their names are Sophia, and Victoria. Are they those friends you always talk about?" She asks. I nod " Ok, I'll send them in"

Sophia walks in first then Victoria looking traumatized walked in after. " what's her problem?" I ask. Sophia rolls her eyes and says " we had to walk by the labor and delivery room to get here she herd the screams now she's scared half to death." She shuts up everyone thinks saying the word death when I'm around is offensive to me.

"Happy birthday Sophie" I shout as loud as I can ( which isn't very loud ). "Thanks" says biting her lip. Victoria leans in close and says " Remember she likes to be called Sophia it's more mature then Sophie." I feel mortified I can't even remember my best friends name. Not only is this cancer killing me it's killing my relationship with my dearest friends. We aren't as close as we used to be last summer I was gone and mom took me out of school. Now I have to make it up to them with the trip that's my goal before I land in the hospital again.

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