The time of our lives

Borderline yellow

3 best friends

Sophia: Loving, understanding, and has a normal life.

Ashley: Strong, brave, has a few years to live.

Victoria: Depressed, weak, can't stand the fact that her best friend is dying.

These 3 best friends have the best summer of their lives before something happens to change their lives and friendships forever. If only they could handle it.


3. chapter 1 Victoria

Victoria I was 13 when I got Mr. Fredrickson (Al) because in my mothers mind is was depressed. First Al said I was stressed (I wasn't). Then he said it was hormones (it wasn't). He was too stupid to figure out it was Ashley one if my best friends. It wasn't Ashley who was making me depressed, it was her cancer killing her right before my eyes. Last summer it was just Sophia and I don't get my wrong I love her to death, but we both really wanted Ashley back. This summer will be different I know that it will.

Note: Sorry my chapters where so short just a beginning

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