The time of our lives

Borderline yellow

3 best friends

Sophia: Loving, understanding, and has a normal life.

Ashley: Strong, brave, has a few years to live.

Victoria: Depressed, weak, can't stand the fact that her best friend is dying.

These 3 best friends have the best summer of their lives before something happens to change their lives and friendships forever. If only they could handle it.


1. chapter 1 Sophia

Sophia We have been friends since kinder all three of is where always together bit their was one summer where everything was different the good different we got closer more than ever.

When we where all 13 Ashley was diagnosed with cancer. Victoria went into a big depression about than but she got out of that and everything was normal again. Even when Ashley was in the very many hospitals Victoria and I visited her whenever we could.

We later realized Victoria was never really cured only halfway because last year Ashley left for a few weeks to go to a famous childhood cancer hospital far away. We knew are time with Ashley will be cut of soon. But I didn't want to believe that. Victoria had only that on her mind. Now that you've herd my side of the story I can tell you about the best summer of my life.

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