The time of our lives

Borderline yellow

3 best friends

Sophia: Loving, understanding, and has a normal life.

Ashley: Strong, brave, has a few years to live.

Victoria: Depressed, weak, can't stand the fact that her best friend is dying.

These 3 best friends have the best summer of their lives before something happens to change their lives and friendships forever. If only they could handle it.


2. chapter 1 Ashley

Ashley When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The doctor said that their was a 75% chance I would be dead within a few years. My to best friends, Victoria and Sofie wouldn't stop telling me how much they loved me same with my parents they forgot about my older brother and sister and they never really got mad at me they would then they shut up and think soon I'll be dead.

Last summer I went away to another stupid hospital so my mom promised to make this summer better she is letting me, Sofie, Victoria, and her take a month long vacation to anywhere within our budget.

The doctors say I very stable so we can. But my mom is still worried so we won't be taking any trips to places without a good doctor nearby. I just hope this summer will be different.

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