A lifetime of secrets


2. chapter 2

"Chandler....." Chandlers English teacher mr. Dart says "chandler" he then screams her head shoots up "what oh I mean yes sir" she says quickly "we are greeting our newest student skyler she just moved here from Kansas please welcome her" "everyone will tell skyler your name" at the same time the whole class mumbles "yes sir" every one goes around the class giggling and mumbling their names

"Zachary Thomson"

"Eliza winger"

"Natalie hatchet"

"Jacob young"

"Chandler Davis" chandler says looking skyler straight in the eye right then the room gets dead silent mr.dart looks up "keep it going" he orders but chandler knew she never have met her before. Yet she felt they have known each other forever. Not like true love like friendship, true friendship.

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