A lifetime of secrets


1. chapter 1

Chandler Davis the perfect little popular girl that everyone wanted to be best friends with. She is the girl that's captain of the cheer team and had the hot quarterback boyfriend. She had the huge house with a closet full of cute shoes, tops, dresses, skirts, and purses. Her life seams perfect don't you think?

Every day when chandler gets home she has to to take care of her many younger siblings and has to keep up her A+ average in her all honers classes her father works so hard and is so stressed he will take it out on his family. Her mother's feelings are fragile so her parents fight a lot. Her 4 year old brother is fighting a very rare form of cancer. Her mother and aunt both had breast cancer and she is scared to death she's next. Yet every day she puts on a fake smile and pretends nothing happened and she's that perfect 16 year old girl again.

Skyler Johnson the most unpopular girl in school the girl who doesn't seam to care about any thing not her looks , grades, or what others think about her. Skyler has always felt as if something from her life was missing like a whole half was missing from her. She is depressed. She is poor. She is lonely. Pretty crapy life don't you think?

But when she gets home to the run down tiny house on the end of the low class neighborhood she feels as if she is free to be herself to sing dance to look however she wants. She is happy.

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