4 Will Save The Clans

This is made by me and my friend Pili, therefore I don not take all the credit. Its about 4 kits from 4 different clans, SnowClan, MeadowClan, MistClan, and SunClan. These 4 kits FrostKit, BrookKit, NightKit, and FernKit, must go on an epic adventure to save all of the clans!


2. MistClan -NightKit's Birth

                   It was dark outside the nursery, and FernLeaf was giving birth, 4 kits had come out and another was coming. MossPool was helping FernLeaf but FernLeaf was really struggling to get the kits out.  Finally with one last push the kit slid out, it was a pitch-black she-cat, she was the smallest of the litter and was having trouble getting to FernLeaf's belly for milk. MossPool moved the bigger kits farther to the side to snuggle in the little she-cat. FernLeaf looked at her belly and thought about what she would name her kits. RavenWhisker ran into the room and almost tripped over his feet when he saw the 5 kits. He looked at them all with a happy look in his eyes.

                  "I have an idea how about the big grey one LionKit? and his twin with the white ear JayKit?" RavenWhisker suggested quietly.

                 "I like it, how about LilyKit for the Silver kit with the white spots on her head?" mumbled FernLeaf to RavenWhisker.

                 "Good idea, what about the Grey/Blue she-cat be MistKit?" asked RavenWhisker. FernLeaf nodded her head, they both stared at the last kit. They didn't now what to name the little kit, no one in their clan had ever looked like her. RavenWhisker looked like he was thinking hard, but FernLeaf was ready to collapse. She looked up toward the stars, they seemed to be shining extra bright contrasting to the pitch-black of the night.

                "How about NightKit?"  FernLeaf whispered as loudly as she could. RavenWhisker thought about it for a while.

                "Thats a beautiful name, now go to sleep i'll wake you in the morning" RavenWhisker said quietly to FernLeaf. "Good Night" and then FernLeaf fell asleep. When she woke RavenWhisker was in front of her a large water vole in his mouth, he placed it down before her and she took a large bite, incredibly hungry from the events of the last night.

                "Good Morning Sleepy Head,I couldn't wake you," said RavenWhisker happily.

                "Sorry, I had a very strange dream, and it was about NightKit" said FernLeaf Quietly.


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