Simply a Weapon

An urban fantasy, set in a city plagued by crime – but in reality the destruction is caused by the practice of Magick. Jet Hawthorne, tormented by her past, moves to this city for a fresh start, and in a twist of fate she becomes the catalyst that threatens to break the fragile truce binding every Mage to the law. Alone and vulnerable, she is completely oblivious to the danger she poses to the city and all of its inhabitants.


1. Monochrome War (Prologue)

In the cold heat of a crimson sunrise

Rain turns opaque in the imminent clouds

Light and Dark explode in the morning sky

The answers fall, but none hear the sound


For revenge listens not and nor does rage

Blinded by the blood that swirls in our eyes

When the mist clears and nothing is gained

We will find ourselves a new reason to fight


All day and night require is equal footing

But at dusk and dawn their fight is fated

In bitter equality they both have nothing

And war for justice becomes war for hatred

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