My name is Abbie.
You can probably guess that this is about me.


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So I tried writing a diary type thing before and I didn't even write a second chapter. My motivational skills are not the best.

This time I'm not going to promise anything, I'm not saying I'll write stuff about everyday because let's be honest; my life is pretty damn boring and nobody wants to read about me eating toast.

I'll say some stuff about me just because -

Age: 14

Nationality: British


Colour: green

Animal: alpaca

Bands: Of Mice & Men, Motionless In White, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, One Direction.

Artists: Marina & the Diamonds.

Movies: Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, Saw (all of them), Lilo & Stitch.

Song: Fireflies by Owl City (got me through a rough patch)

Books: Gone (series), She's Not Invisible, Siege, D4RK INSIDE.

TV Shows: Skins, Misfits, LOST, Breaking Bad, My Mad Fat Diary, American Horror Story.

Youtubers: Christian Novelli, Emma Blackery, VeeOneEye, grav3yardgirl.

Actors: Iwan Rheon, Ethan Peck, Dominic Monaghan, Steve Buscemi.

Actresses: Emilie de Ravin, Taissa Farmiga, Phoebe Tonkin.

I also had a slight obsession with Demi Lovato when I was like 12/13 for about a year before I decided she was obnoxious. She's still kinda cool tho.

I'm a die hard LOSTie and if you have watched it you are automatically my best friend. Just saying.

I also like Owl City, Bring Me the Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Blink-182 and stuff but I'm not part of the fandoms so I don't count them as my favourite bands. Do you understand?

Also, I do realise that nobody wants to know this stuff but I don't care because it is a time killer and believe me I have a lot of time to kill. So get used to the rambling a of stuff you don't wanna know. I mean, I'm not asking you to read this.

Feel free to tell me how dorky and boring I am or something and we could be best dork friends you never know.

Stay rad and stuff yeah bye.

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