Bottled Up

I feel inspired again.


1. Bottled Up

I feel as though I have been
released from the bottle I was kept in.

Unscrewed, almost unhinged,

but always bottling my ideas.
Everything has started flowing again

As though you were the cork

stemming the flow of my creativity,
watching me struggle, blocked.

Hopelessly amiss, I mistook you

for an undeniable muse, there for me
to write about time after time after time

of me wishing I could write something new.

But now I can write about anything, anyone
without ever looking to my side to check
that you were still watching, observing
my every move, my every shifting glance.
I can write about my new found blue sky
and reminisce about the grey one before,
I can talk about new love, new experiences,
things I could never do when I was with you.

You can look out for me,
I won’t be seeing you again.

I will travel the world and paint pictures -
even though I never really liked painting.
Friends will be made and lovers lost,
memories created and past ones thrown out
tossed away from me, in the past where they belong.

Where you belong.

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