You know how they say seeing is believing? Well let me tell you something, you know all the creatures they tell you about as a child? Yeah guess what, they're real. I see them everyday, but they aren't the pretty sparkly ones, the ones I see are hideous and mischievous I don't think you'd like to hear the story, but I'll tell you anyway just be warned it isn't gonna be pretty


2. What Even is True Love?

"Alice, how many times have I told you that it's rude to stare?"  Jeb says as he places his hands on his hips. "O-Oh uh sorry Jeb.."  I mumble as I look away from his beautiful face.  We are silent for a few moments before I break it, "...Jeb what did you mean you're my one and only true love?"  I say as slowly as I can, but it feels so..wrong that I'd even ask him this question and I just don't know.  I look up and I see that stupid smirk, but his eyes seem really, really sad like it hurt him to even learn the fact that I didn't know the reason for him to be my one and only true love.  "I-I'm your true love because that's how it was written and because you..."  He trails off and spins around bringing his hands to his face.  "I what Jebby?" As the name rolls off my tongue he quickly spins around and he's crying. Like really crying with real tears and it just...I went over to him and hugged him.  "It's ok Jebby, I'm here so there's nothing to cry about."  I hold him in my arms and I run my hand up and down his back.  We stay like that for a few minutes till he stops crying and we're just standing there.  He suddenly let's go of me and brings his hand to my face.  His eyes are bloodshot and I can feel his breath on my face; it smells sweet like sugar.  I look into his beautiful blue eyes and see something indescribable.  It's like he's angry, sad, confused, happy, desperate and just I don't's like every single human emotion there is, his eyes are reflecting them right now as I stare into them.  He starts to lean in and I can't help as I lean in as well.  His lips lightly brush against mine then he leans in even more and kisses me.  His lips are soft and plump against mine; the kiss is sweet and tastes like candy.  I bring both my hands up to his hair and it's soft like a cloud.  We break apart when the janitor walks in.  She stands there starring at the two of us then I remember that no one besides me can see Jeb.  Jeb quickly stands in front of me and puts his around me protectively.  "Alice put the charm on."  Jeb says quickly and I hesitate.  "Now, Alice!"  I jump and hurry to put the charm on.  Once it's on the janitor changes from a woman in her late forties to a horrible and disgusting creature.  "Tch. You know Jeb," the creature says as it get's closer, "She doesn't belong to you.  No matter what was written and it really doesn't matter that you love her because we are going to have her!"  the creature shouts, but all I hear is "you love her."  It plays over and over in my head as I stand there unable to move.  Jeb looks at the creature with daggers for eyes, "Love her? Love her? Sure she may become my wife, but you ever said I loved her?" It wasn't the words that had been said, but the way they were said that stabbed my heart.  He said it like it was some kind of joke, a sick, cruel joke that was being pulled on him.  My eyes started to sting with tears, but I blinked them away and started to leave the closet.  "Oho, it seems the girl is in love with you as well." Says the horrible creature to Jeb as I walk past it.  I don't even dare to look back because I know that if I do I will start to cry and crying is for the weak; and I am not weak.   

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