Wolf Stone

When Kyra moves to Baneberry, Tennessee, she expects to forget everything about her old life, but when she meets Mason everything turns upside down as she's pulled into an entirely new world. She finds herself wishing for everything to go back to normal, but little does she know nothing will ever be normal again.


18. Tod

It has been 4 years since the twins were born. We have been preparing for a war with a wolf by the name of Tod. We have gathered many wolves to fight him. Tod is strong and I worry that we cannot defeat him. Nora has spoken to me a few times over the years repeating the same message: I must be the one to kill him. Ian has given me all the training I could need for the physical part of ending him, but my emotions are not capable of looking him in the eyes and killing him. I have wondered the forests many nights looking for a safe place to hide from my responsibilities, but Mason always finds me. I love him, but he just doesn't understand.

I was hiding in a small clearing hidden by the trees when he found me tonight. Instead of talking like we used to we just sit in silence. Hours pass until I heard howls of distress coming from the main house. I change into my wolf and run, closely followed by Mason.

I arrive and Evan is bowed over a body. Three claw marks running down from the top of the head to underneath the stomach. Tod's warning. He has killed many of our pack, never any I knew well, until tonight. I recognize the light brown fur and white ears. It is Robbie. A young werewolf that had become a good friend of mine. He had just turned a few nights ago, his fifteenth birthday. He was probably wondering the forest, learning through his newfound abilities. Young, alive, and free. Too young to die.

Too young to die. Too young to die.,those thoughts were racing through my head. Then I decided, No more hiding! No more cowering in fear! We are strong, and I will not watch us grow weak one wolf at a time! 

I ran as fast as I could to Evan's side and told him my plan of attack. He listened closely. I know it could work well and he did too. Nodding he climbed to the top of the cliff that the house sat on. I followed him prepared to broadcast his thoughts to everyone. Then he began. The lightening flashed behind him, making him look powerful. Thunder rolled through the skies.

We cannot continue this way! Threats linger not only in our borders, but in the entire surrounding area! Every pack near us has agreed to help us fight and there is no better time than now! We will end Tod and bring peace back to our forests! We leave at dawn! 

The pack headed for their rooms. I changed back and put on some clothes. I went to the room that Mason and I shared. He was waiting for me. 

I pulled him down onto the bed and kissed him. He kissed me back and then we slept safe in each other's arms. 

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