Wolf Stone

When Kyra moves to Baneberry, Tennessee, she expects to forget everything about her old life, but when she meets Mason everything turns upside down as she's pulled into an entirely new world. She finds herself wishing for everything to go back to normal, but little does she know nothing will ever be normal again.


20. Time to go.

Mason's POV

Dawn had arrived, so I woke Kyra. She sat up and looked at me. I knew there was a chance we would never see each other again, but I would do everything in my power too keep that from happening.

She looked so beautiful with the rising sun seeping in through the window behind her. I took her hand and held tight. 

"I love you.", I told her.

"I love you too." She smiled at me and I kissed her.

"Promise me something...", she began.


"Don't...don't let me become something I'm not. I know I have to kill Tod, but I don't want to lose who I am...if that makes sense." I knew what she meant.

"I promise."

I went outside to find my father. He was sitting on top of the cliff again. I sat down beside him.

"Dad, do you think we can do this?", I asked.

"Yes. We have something Tod does not."

"What is that?"

"We have Nora's blessing." He looked to where Kyra was. I always knew she was special. Nora's symbol of hope for us all.



Ian's POV

I had just woken up when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in."

It was Kyra.

"Is everything alright?", I asked. 

"Yes. I just...I'm scared.", she whispered.

I hugged her. She started sobbing.

"Shh, everything will be alright. I'll be with you the entire time. We can do this."

"He's a monster, Daddy. I'm just a girl! How can I defeat him?"

I stepped back and took her necklace off her neck. I had been waiting to do this. I had to open up the spiritual side of the pendant. It would drain my energy, but my daughter would be safe. That was all that ever mattered. Those fifteen years I spent tracking her down; I only wanted to be sure she was safe.

My arm was burning, but I hid the pain. It glowed a bright blue and then returned to its normal brown. It worked. I felt like I would pass out at any moment. She was looking at her necklace, so she didn't notice. I focused. She could not be worrying about me.

"No matter what keep this on. Understand? It will keep you safe.", I said.

She nodded. I hugged her again and kissed the top of her hair, like I did when she was a baby. I remember how she would smile and wrap her little hand around my finger.

She was the best daughter a man could ask for. I would do anything for her. I was glad to know that she had Mason to take care of her. There was no way I was coming back alive in the state I was in.

Kyra left and I collapsed gasping for air. Someone else opened the door. It was Nikki, one of the few friends I had in the pack. I grinned at her.

"Guess my time's up, huh?"

"Not yet, Ian. You still have a little while."

"I won't even make it five minutes out there, and you know it."

"Not while I have a say so. Your my only friend. I don't have any family; you're all I have left to fight for. I'll be damned if anyone hurts you." She helped me up.

"Thanks. I'm glad you think so highly of me.", I said.

"Shut up you idiot." She smiled.


Evan howled and we went outside. I found Kyra standing next to Mason and Garth. Nikki stayed by my side. Suzie came over with Dylan and Zoe. Garth, Kyra, and Mason hugged them. Then it was time to go. I changed into my wolf and Nikki did too. She had black fur with white paws. I grinned. She smiled back and we ran.

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