Wolf Stone

When Kyra moves to Baneberry, Tennessee, she expects to forget everything about her old life, but when she meets Mason everything turns upside down as she's pulled into an entirely new world. She finds herself wishing for everything to go back to normal, but little does she know nothing will ever be normal again.


17. The Pitter-Patter of Little Paws

A few months have passed since we found Ian. We came back home to continue my training, and so far it's going well.

I was walking back to the pack house when I heard commotion coming from inside the house. Rose was yelling something I couldn't understand and Garth was yelling back. I opened the door and stepped inside.

"The baby is coming!", someone said.

Rose had Suzie trying to get her to the back room, but Suzie was refusing to move. Garth was having a fit and yelling at Rose to hurry up. Where was everyone else? They were the only ones here.

Ignoring that thought I walked over to Suzie.

"Suzie, you have to move.", I said calmly.

"I-I'm scared, Kyra.", she stuttered.

I would be too if I had Garth and Rose screaming at each other the entire time, I thought.

"Hey!", I yelled. They didn't hear me. I yelled two more times and they ignored me. Time to use my rank to my advantage.

I mustered the loudest growl I could manage and let it loose. Everyone in the room looked at me.

"Rose, take Suzie, and Garth shut up. Suzie does not need any increased stress. If I hear any arguing from that room I will personally kick you out and deliver this baby without you. Am I understood?"

They nodded and took Suzie to the back room. I waited patiently on the couch. Evan, Bree, and Mason came in a little later. We all waited for the new addition to our family to join us. I heard crying and Rose came outside and asked for me to come in. I got up and walked into the room.

I was surprised to see that Suzie and Garth were both holding babies. They were very small and cute. I walked over and sat down next to the bed. Suzie smiled at me.

"Kyra, meet Dylan and Zoe.", she said.

Evan came inside. Garth looked a little nervous.

"Well, lets see if we have any new little wolves amongst ourselves, shall we?", Evan said. Suzie handed Zoe to him. Evan placed his hand lightly over the top of her head. His eyes began to emit a slight glow and Zoe was smiling. Garth looked delighted. That meant that she was a wolf! Garth handed Dylan to him. Evan repeated the process.

Evan frowned and took his hand off his head. Dylan let out a small whimper and was given back to Garth.

"What is it? What's wrong?", Garth asked.

"He is not a wolf, Garth.", Evan explained.

"But if one is a wolf the other one always is too! I don't understand! Is something wrong with him is he ok?!"

"He is fine. There is a first time for everything, Garth. Calm down."

Evan left the room and I followed him to his office. Mason and Bree joined us, closely followed by Garth's parents, Max and Lynn. The small space was cramped, but we needed to discuss this.

"What does it mean? We have never had this happen before.", Max stated.

"There is nothing wrong. Allow me to explain. I stopped Dylan's powers.", Evan said. Max and Lynn gasped.

"Why?", I asked when no one said anything.

"Nora has shown me his future. If he ever Changes...he will die. I did it to protect him."

"How will he die, love?", Bree asked.

"I don't know. She refused to let me see. She has given us this warning to help him, and that is what I intend to do. If anyone objects than I highly suggest you keep it to yourself. No one is to ever tell of what we disscused here today. Am I understood?", Evan demanded.

Everyone nodded and I went back to the main room. Suzie's mother was there and looked very pissed off. I walked over to her.

"They won't let me see her or my new grandchild! Kyra, you have to help me!", she said.

"I will. Follow me.", I said and started walking. The pack members that hadn't been letting Suzie's mom inside stopped us. I growled my alpha female growl and they let us through. 

Suzie smiled at her mom as she ran to the seat beside her. She was surprised to find out she had two grandchildren, but happy. I left them and went upstairs to the room Mason and I shared.

Mason was sprawled out on the bed staring at the ceiling. I sat down at the end of the bed and he looked at me. 

"Do you think Evan did the right thing?", I asked him.

After a few seconds he answered,"My father will always do what he thinks is best for the pack...but sometimes...I wonder if he thinks everything through. I have to trust his judgment and learn from his mistakes to become a good alpha...yes, I think he did the right thing."

I lay beside him and he wrapped his arms around me. I didn't get much sleep, because I kept thinking about Dylan. He would always feel so left out of the pack. I guess it's for his own protection though. 



Do you like the new cover? I finally learned what I was doing wrong with my computers files and now I can use pictures! Yay! I found this and thought it looked cool and fit Kyra's description a little bit. Let me know if you don't like it and I'll change it back. 

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