forbidden love

from teenage sensation to a sargent in the war justin bieber was torn between love and conflict after he met a young indangered girl danielle who was forbidden to see him while he is fighting in war against germany for years straight.

will they ever be together? or will conflict tear them apart?

based on films 'the vow' and 'dear john'

all copy rights reserved


1. Arriving

-biebers POV- it was 04:15am when we arrived in our new loction. the environment stunk, there was no live plants, everything green was dead, only rough dirt to walk on. the sky dull and the people walking around with tears in their eyes as they walk to find a new home, every building was falling apart, being blown up, every citizen was aborted from their homes, their families. i walked around looking at every inch, taking it all in, i couldnt believe what kind of monster would want to create a world of depression, a world where everyone would rather die than be who they are or live where they do. me and my men walked through the great town of afghanistan, where people were killed for being gay, children were just randomly shot in the head without any reason or defense. nothing but screams and tears came from this town, it made me think about home... Canada. a loving environemt where i had grew up. everyone was humble and everyone cared about you. no one wanted to kill eachother. in this very second my life flashed through my eyes, i realised how greatful i was for having such a bring up. when suddenly out of the blue a gun fire shot went, turning around i ran towards my men. directing two to every corner of the house the shooting came from. me and sargent smith went last behind the men, i faced right as he faced left. we had each ohers backs, a fire came from the center and in a flash we both turned and back fired at him. he was a tall coloured man who wore a yellowish robe and had a long scruffy beard who shot at us. "MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN" a shout came from in the other room. me and sargent smith led eachother into the room while having our eyes in every blind spot. we got into the room and one of our men - sargent little - was wounded. i bent down next to him holding my hand over his wound pressing down as hard as i can. "smith!! go get a towel" "from where" "i dont know god dammit find one" smith went to find a towel while i radioed for backup. "keep looking at me little" his eyes slowely shutting, his head dipping. i slapped his cheeks to keep him aware. he was loosing too much blood to stay awake. "oh god please dont leave us kieth please man" sargent lindsly was littles best friend, they came to the war together, knew eachoher for years, always had eachothers back... no matter what. "WHERE IS SMITH GOD DAMMIT" "here bieber here i got your towel" i grabbed the towel off him and put it against the wound. "lindsly, put pressure on this while i get the streatcher" he came over to where i was sitting and pressed against his wound, i watched as tears filled his eyes. "this son of a bitch of a town. aint no bodies fault theyre in this mess and yet were cleaning it up losing men every day GOD DAMMIT" i let my anger take over me as i punched the wall near me. smith walked up to me while i kicked the wall cursing this god forsaken place. he shot up a head and a shot fired back. coming back to humanity i grabbed my gun from the floor and fired twice in every direction. a grunt came from the distance as i ran outside i called for men to come in and help. 20 men ran in going in every room, up the stairs, outside, everywhere we searched the house. "we had that close ey bieber" "ay smithy, thanks for covering me" "i know youd do the same for me" "course i would" running down the stairs and into the main room i found lindsly sat over little crying. i walked in further... "is he.." i asked one of the paramedics "yeah... im sorry" my knees weakened and i fell to the floor in pure disbelief, tears shed from my eyes worse than a waterfall... "i cant believe it" i paused as i walked over to him and lindsly. i patted him on the back "im sorry" "yeah i am too. i should have saved him like smith saved you... im a shit partner bieber, you might as well kill me too because im no use to the team at all" "weew weew hold up lindsly, stand up" "I SAID STAND UP LINDSLY" he stood up immediently within my demand. i put my hands behind my back and my head up straight. "MEN STAND PUT" all the men came walking into the room where we were stood, they all stood with their hand on their forehead up straight listening to my instructions. "WE ARENT HERE TO BACK DOWN" ... "WE ARE HERE TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY"... "WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT ONE ANOTHER BUT I WILL TELL YOU ALL ONE THING NOW AND I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR BECAUSE I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF... DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR" all of them, like a rhythem of voices replied "SIR YES SIR" "WE WILL LOOSE A FEW MEN IN THIS TRIP AND ALL THE OTHERS TO COME" ... "SARGENT LITTLE WAS THE FIRST TO GO BUT HE WAS A GREAT SOLDIER, HE FOUGHT TO HIS SHEAR LAST CHANCE. HE DIDNT GIVE UP BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE WAS WORTHLESS"... "WE ARE HERE TO SAVE AND PROTECT" ... "YOULL GET SOMETHING WRONG, YOULL MISS A FEW SHOTS, YOULL GET WOUNDED, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT... LEAVE. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" again like a beautiful tune they replied "SIR YES SIR" "tally on then"... "good job today men, i cant say when or where or who we will be shooting next or who will die or get injured next... but for tonight, just relax in yoour cabbin, we have a busy day tomorrow" all men left to their tents while the cook cooked us some dinner on the fire. i lay in my bed thinking about home, wondering what my family were doing now, if they were looking at the moon like i was.
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