The Deepest Scar

16 year old Abby lost her mom in a car crash almost a year ago. Life sucks.


2. Waking up

I woke up three days later in a hospital bed not knowing why I was there. I looked around the room an saw my Dad and younger brother Parker looking at me. My dad looked relieved and stared tearing up, Parker on the other hand looked at me with disgust and sadness filled his eyes. I was confused as to what happened and why I was there. "Dad?", "Abby do you know why your here?", "no", " you got into a car crash you and your mom". Then i started to remember things. I remember mom picking me up from my friends house and we were driving and she brought up college again, she had been nagging on me to choose Boston College because it was one of the best but I wanted to go to Columbia University in New York City. We started arguing about and she said, "Abby you need to get your act together if your going to be going to Boston College", "mom don't you realize I don't want to go there!" ," Abigail don't you raise your voice at me!". The last thing i remember is me saying i hate you and i cant wait to get as far away from you as i possibly can. I looked up to my dad and said yes and asked how mom was and he said ,"Abby honey your mother died".

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