The Deepest Scar

16 year old Abby lost her mom in a car crash almost a year ago. Life sucks.


5. Take your own advise

Its been a week sense my dad brought on the news that we were moving to New York City. Parker still hasn't budged although dad has been persuading him with many different reasons why it would be fun to move there. I think Parker i getting a little excited giving the fact that the school he's going to is going to have 75% girls and only 25% boys. I talked to dad about not wanting to go to Columbia College and shockingly he didn't ask why, he already knew the reason and completely understood and respected my decision. I've been trying to talk to Parker and try and get over this funk we're both in but he still hasn't budged. I even tried asking him to go to the store with me to get his favorite food and he just said, "No, don't like that anymore". I understand its going to take a little more then just almost a year to forgive me for killing our mother but i wish he understood what i'm going through. I've never been sadder in my life, I cry almost every night because I know the emotional stress I've caused my family and knowing you killed your mother and ruined your father and brothers life isn't easy at all. Parker was always the strong one in our family, he never cried or got upset over something. He always used to tell me, "Abbs you only love once and sadly that once isn't that long it goes by quick, one minute you're young and the next you're old and sick. Don't waste the short time you have on this planet sad, everything happens for a reason". I wish he could tae his own advise and be happy and not waste his time being sad. 

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