The Deepest Scar

16 year old Abby lost her mom in a car crash almost a year ago. Life sucks.


3. Parker

Ever sense then I haven't been the same. I lost all my friends and dropped my grades down from all A's and B's to C's and D's. Things at home haven't been the same either. Dad works all day and when he comes home i'm usually sleeping. Parker barely even talks to me, or look at me. I think he blames me for moms death, I wouldn't blame him though I blame myself. Dad came home early today which is odd because he never comes home early. He yelled down for me and Parker to come downstairs, also odd he barely wants to talk to us. While we were walking down the stairs i asked parker how school was and he didn't respond or even look at me, shocker. I know moms death is my fault and I would hate me too but its been almost a year and I've been so alone I need him more then I need anything. Before the accident me and Parker were always really close and we told each other everything, literally everything he even told me things i didn't want to hear. He told me when he lost his virginity, which wasn't long before the accident. I remember being very shocked and I told him to be careful and not to sleep with a lot of girls and he said he only did it with his girlfriend because he loves her a lot and he wants to be with her for the res of his life. I told him he was to young to be thinking like that, he just laughed and ignored the comment. I was also kind of embarrassed because i'm his older sister and i haven't even lost mine yet.  We walked into the kitchen were my dad was with ordered pizza, very odd. We all sat down and ate our pizza little small talk here and there but nothing from Parker. After we at Dad said he needed to tell us something, "kids were moving".

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