The Deepest Scar

16 year old Abby lost her mom in a car crash almost a year ago. Life sucks.


4. Moving?

I was utterly shocked with what my dad had just told me. I never thought we would move. It was great here we all liked, this is where me and Parker grew up. Where our parents raised us. I looked over at Parker and he didn't have the same expression on his face as me. He looked pissed. Like he wanted to kick dad in the throat. Parker began to speak, " What? we cant just up and move!". He then began to look sad, the same look he gave me in the hospital, god did i hate that look. Dad began to speak, " Parker I got a promotion at work, this is going to be good for us." " Good for us? this is our home where we grew up, where you and mom raised us!" " Parker i know this is going to be hard for the both of you but its going to be fine, you'll like the new house, and Abby you'll like the location.". I looked at him in a funny way, he realized the face and smiled a little, his old smile. Something that i missed very much. " Abby its in New York City". I didn't know what to do or say. All I knew was there's no way I can go to Columbia College after what happened with mom, I killed her by wanting to go to that school.

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