The Deepest Scar

16 year old Abby lost her mom in a car crash almost a year ago. Life sucks.


7. job hunting

I've been thinking about what I should do with my future. I cant live a normal life like everyone else without going to college. The only college around where I live now is Columbia University, and I refuse to go there. I only have three options, Stay here with my dad and Parker and go to Columbia University, Leave and g to a different college which means leaving them behind, and my last option is stay here with them and not go t college at all. I've decided to stop thinking about college for now and focus on getting a job so I can actually afford it. I asked Parker if he would like to go find a job with me since he is old enough to get  job. Shockingly he said agreed to come along with me. We went to the nearest convenient store and looked on the wall to see if anyone put a sign there for hiring. We found five sheets and bought a map from the store since we still don't know our way around the city. Parker stayed silent most of the time except when he was yelling at me to watch where i'm going. I've always been clumsy and when i'm focused on something in my hand i'm not paying attention to the world around me. Its great I have Parker with me to make sure I don't get crushed by a car.

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