The life of Siobhan Sophia Clark and Jack Donavan

this is showing how the love progressed between me and my dead fiance jack donavan showing how sweet he was and how loving and protective he was of me and what we used to do and what happened when i was in the mental hospitals.


2. Lovers at last

As Siobhan Sophia Clark woke up she seen Jack Donavan and her best friend Rose sat next to her, when she asked where her sister was her best friend just come out with she is dead that’s when jack realized that she was going mental so he had no choice but to admit her to the mental hospital he worked in and put her under him so he could protect her.


After he got her admitted he asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted cause she had always loved him even though they both knew that them being in a relationship was against every doctor patient rule he didn’t care as long as they where together as sweet as Jack was to his baby at the time he knew he was the only one that could put her in the straight jacket and was the only one that could hug and kiss her and have her helping him out when he needed her to.


Jack knew the only way to keep Siobhan Sophia Clark calm was to keep him with her and not send him away all the time, he was with her when she went to sleep and he was there when she woke up and he used to take her out the straight jacket and take her out side for a good smoke.

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