The life of Siobhan Sophia Clark and Jack Donavan

this is showing how the love progressed between me and my dead fiance jack donavan showing how sweet he was and how loving and protective he was of me and what we used to do and what happened when i was in the mental hospitals.


1. Friends reunited

It was a normal day at work in the mental hospital for Dr Jack Donavan when he heard that one of his old friends that he haddent seen for a while had been admitted to hospital after a nasty car accident that killed her sister and his brother, the young girls name was Siobhan Sophia Clark, all he knew was that she had been admitted not how bad it was, so he went across to the main hospital and asked where Siobhan was and the receptionist pointed to Intensive care but as soon as that happened he knew how bad it really was.


As he hits the door he see’s his young friend laying on the bed with a breathing tube and pipes going in to her and it upset him cause he knew she was badly damaged and there was a chance she might not make it through, Jack stayed by her bed day and night and never moved he went to the mental hospital and said he wont be in for a while because of something bad has happened to his friend.


As eight months passed Siobhan Sophia Clark started coming round but she couldn’t remember what had happened and she didn’t know her sister was dead.

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