I've always been that good, little girl in school. The 'nerd' . Bullied. Be-friended. Replaced. I thought that was bad, but I never really knew what this terrible life would bring me until now. I was always told as a child "life is a gift, take it for granted." I actually believed it was a gift and tryed so hard to take it for what it was apparently worth, but I must have been a stupid nerd because life's not a gift, its a trap. It pulls you in and you can't do anything but wait for something good to happen. Which is pointless because nothing good will ever happen... WARNING: This story includes triggering and emotional scenes.


7. Your the Best!


I dragged my bag into my new room. It wasn't too big but that didn't really bother me, to be honest I hated having big rooms. I opened my bag and unpacked a few stuff until my mum shouted me.

"KYLA! COME HERE DARLING, LOOK AT THIS!," what did she want me to look at? I ran out my room, down the stairs and out to were my mum was. She was out in the backyard, I wondered what she wanted me to look at but then I noticed. Oh my gosh! We had a pool, I can't tell you how fucking happy I was then. I guess there was nothing to worry about in the first place. We had a beautiful house, a pool and a new life this was going to be great!

"You never said anything about a pool!," 

"Well, I didn't know either! Isn't it amazing!."

She was so happy, so was I. I loved seeing my mother smile it was the most beautiful-est smile I had ever seen.


Later on in the day it got better, I had unpacked most of my stuff and mum discovered a lot more amazing stuff. I had almost completed my room now, covered the walls in posters; Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon... I could go on but I'm not going to. Moved some furniture around, I loved it and so did my mum. Even though my mum hadn't got one bit of rest since we set off she was still as energized as a 5 year old toddler after being given a rainbow coloured lollipop. I loved it when she was like this, even though she could really got on my nerves at least she wasn't sat on the carpet crying her eyes out.

I smiled at the way my room looked, took my door handle and walked downstairs. My mum was on the phone so I didn't bother her. I went into the kitchen, opened the wooden door of one of many cabinets and took out a plain digestive for a snack. Then as I walked back into the living room, my mum came off the phone and wanted to talk. Shit, was there something wrong?

"Kyla, I was just on the phone with your new headteacher. I-," oh what now? "I said you will come in next week, so that means you have Friday off."

Yes! I get to miss Friday so technically its a 3 day weekend. It was Thursday today, so that meant if I was at my old school now I would have PE, glad I'm not there. Ha there probably missing me, ye right.  

"Thanks Mum your the best!," I hugged her and she smiled, "ye I know." She gave a little evil smile. 


Authors Note:

Hey, sorry this isn't much wanted to get a chapter out there. So here you go!


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