I've always been that good, little girl in school. The 'nerd' . Bullied. Be-friended. Replaced. I thought that was bad, but I never really knew what this terrible life would bring me until now. I was always told as a child "life is a gift, take it for granted." I actually believed it was a gift and tryed so hard to take it for what it was apparently worth, but I must have been a stupid nerd because life's not a gift, its a trap. It pulls you in and you can't do anything but wait for something good to happen. Which is pointless because nothing good will ever happen...

WARNING: This story includes triggering and emotional scenes.


8. Who is she?


The weekend went by fast, very fast. My mum and me looked around a bit, went on the beach just had a good time mainly but everything comes to an end. I had to wake up at 7 on weekdays now, not too bad but I can't say that I don't like my lie in's. Unlike England the new school didn't require for you to have a uniform which is good. I hate uniforms, I just don't feel myself when wearing them. 

I got dressed into some black ripped jeans, a Black Veil Brides tee and black converse, my usual look. I took my eye-liner and applied it around my eyes. With a little mascara. I took out my straightens and started doing my hair, I don't do much as my hair is naturally straight.

I put back my straightens, got my bag and went downstairs to find my mum making breakfast. Toast, yum!

"Hey, sweetie. Made you some toast!," I dropped my bag at the side of the room and walked over to the kitchen desk picking up the toast and taking a bite. "Thanks Mum," 

"Your welcome sweetie, nervous for your first day?," she sayed taking out another two slices of toast out of the toaster.

"Ye, a little." I had to admit I was scared more than anything. What if they didn't like me? Or what if I become popular? I don't know we'd just have to find out.


My mum dropped me off in our 'new car' for first and last time. I would have to take the bus from then on which would be annoying but I did it back in England so it didn't matter to much. It was crowded outside, little groups of friends mostly. And straight away you could tell who was the popular people and the bullies. Popping my black beanie on my head, I stepped out the car and I walked through the crowds, pushing my way through some. I had to go to see the headteacher he had to give me my planner, and some books. The halls weren't as bad as outside, everyone seemed to have a group of friends. I came to what said 'Headteacher's Office' and knocked on the glass. I sat down on the seat, until I heard a "come in".

I grabbed the handle of the door and pushed open the door to see a 45 year old man in a suit.

"Please sit down Kyla," he said pointing to the chairs in front of him.

Sitting down, I looked around to see a trophy cabinet, with several trophies displayed. A door that said 'Deputy Head' and a leather sofa. It was a pretty formal room, like most head teacher's officers. He saw I was looking around and carried on. "So, Kyla welcome to Mount High School. I'm so glad that you have decided to come here," he gave a smile, so I gave him a little one back feeling kinda uncomfortable. "So, let's just get on with it then," he stood up, going over to the other side of room picking up what looked like my things. "Here's your planner, books, locker key and a map just in case you get lost," giving me my things, he smiled. I thanked him and left the room. Even though he seemed pretty nice, I assumed he wasn't. He was probably putting on the 'nice guy act' because I was new. Checking my planner, I saw my first lesson was maths. Well, that's wonderful maths first thing on a Monday morning. I found my locker quite easily, 213 the number it was. Looking around most of the lockers were decorated with posters, were they aloud to do this here? never mind I had some decorating to do.

I took my keys and popped them into the key hole, slowly turning it. I opened my locker to see emptiness, I hate emptiness it's so boring. I chucked in the books I didn't need and shut my locker. Until something caught my eye. The locker next to me was, oh how can I explain it? AMAZING! All my favourite bands on one locker. I loved this person who ever it was, and I didn't even know them. Hopefully I would come face to face with them, it would be just wonderful discussing all our favourite things. Actually having something in common with someone. I turned my keys and walked to maths. Unfortunately for me it was half way across the school, so as I was walking to class the bell went and I had to rush. They'd let me off right? on my first day? they had to. Finally I came to the room. Normally I wouldn't be that bothered to arrive late but this was different I had stuff to do after school, me and my mum were going out. We had found this nice restaurant and even though I am not very keen on places like this I didn't want to let my mum down.

The hallways were almost clear, a few students here and there. I was about to go in when it hit me, what if they made fun of me? what if they fought I was obsessed Black Veil Brides? Well I kinda was, but not as bad as some people. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Everything stopped. Peoples eyes were suddenly all on me, everyone in the room was looking at me. I turned to look at the teacher. It went silent for a moment or two until the whole class broke into whispers of "who is she?."

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