I've always been that good, little girl in school. The 'nerd' . Bullied. Be-friended. Replaced. I thought that was bad, but I never really knew what this terrible life would bring me until now. I was always told as a child "life is a gift, take it for granted." I actually believed it was a gift and tryed so hard to take it for what it was apparently worth, but I must have been a stupid nerd because life's not a gift, its a trap. It pulls you in and you can't do anything but wait for something good to happen. Which is pointless because nothing good will ever happen... WARNING: This story includes triggering and emotional scenes.


2. Reality

Shit. I must have fallen asleep. Its 6 in morning, better get ready school starts in an hour, great. I hate school, well you know doesn't everyone? but that's not what I mean, I mean I really hate school. People only hate it because of learning apart from that they fair like it because of friends, that's not the same case for me. I don't have friends. As I said before, I'm that loner, the girl who sits alone at lunch, no one to talk to, only music to listen to and the 'emo'. I don't really mind being alone, I love music or in other words 'my only friend'. It takes me away from the real world and puts me another. Where I do have friends and do love school. But then the bell goes and I am back in reality, cruel reality. I like Black Veil Brides mostly, their music's the best! But I guess that's just my opinion and probably also the reason I am called 'emo'. I don't mind being called emo, its just words like ugly and fat that really get to me, that shows my true emo.


I'm half way dressed and can't help noticing its awfully quiet? I run down stairs. No ones up, that's a change and well, Dad's on sofa. No surprise he's been on that sofa for at least 2 weeks now. He might as well live on it. I run back upstairs as quietly as I can and carry on getting dressed. 

Oh no, their back again. The fought's. Ughh, get out of my head! Banging my head with my fist, they soon go leaving me with a banging headache. I guess it was my fault. Punching yourself isn't such a good idea. Damn, I'm so stupid. Why couldn't I at least be a clever nerd? 


I look at the clock, 6:45 better get going. Once again deal with what school throws at me.

I couldn't really be bothered making breakfast, and I wasn't really hungry. I walk to school, never get a lift even when its pouring outside. I don't mind the rain, I could just walk through it all day and not give one, unlike other girls who scream if one lightly splashes its droplets on them. I never want to be like that.


I'm nearly at school now. I can see all the bitches now, all thinking their 'cool' and 'popular'. Pff. Get a life, honestly if they knew what life would hit them with they wouldn't give one. But they don't, and they never will. Because their to busy with their 'amazing' lives going to parties and hanging out with guys. It honestly makes me sick. 


Authors Note:

What do you think? Hope you like it! Also should I make these chapters longer? If so, I'm sorry they may be too short I just honestly don't know what else to add. But I will try to make it longer :D Thanks :3

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