I've always been that good, little girl in school. The 'nerd' . Bullied. Be-friended. Replaced. I thought that was bad, but I never really knew what this terrible life would bring me until now. I was always told as a child "life is a gift, take it for granted." I actually believed it was a gift and tryed so hard to take it for what it was apparently worth, but I must have been a stupid nerd because life's not a gift, its a trap. It pulls you in and you can't do anything but wait for something good to happen. Which is pointless because nothing good will ever happen... WARNING: This story includes triggering and emotional scenes.


3. Bare and Ugly

Take a breathe, and walk straight in. All will be fine no laughs, no funny looks and most of all no hurtful comments. You can do it Kyla. I walked up the cobbled path of the school, my boots making the crunching sound as I move. I took my hand, gripped the handle and pulled the door open. Now for the hard part. To avoid any eye contact what so ever, I took out my black earphones and carefully plopped them into my ears, turning Black Veil Brides on. God, I wish I could just mosh out right there and then. But no, that would just be stupidity and a lot of embarrassment. I didn't want any attention on me what so ever, moshing out would certainly be the worst option.


I took another breathe and walked through the long brown corridor. I always dreaded this corridor in the morning because its were all the 'popular' kids are or in other words bullies hang out. You have to walk through it too get into the place I need to be in the morning, its the only way of getting there. I hate it so much, not just because of the people, but the walls. There so bare and ugly. I know I shouldn't really be complaining its school, what should I expect?


My boots echoed around the corridor as I passed them casually. Clip clock clip clock. For goodness sake why does this corridor have to echo? Their eyes shot up, as if I was a stray wolf who'd walked in to their territory with out permission. Eyes glaring at me as if they wanted to rip me apart right there and then. I knew they hated me, but I never knew why. Well, who cares I hate them too. I carried on, acting as if I didn't know they were staring at me. But I knew they were, staring me out. Hoping that if they stared long enough I will just disappear forever. 


"Hey! You emo! Yes you, take your fucking earphone out and stop walking away! Don't ignore me!" Georgia shouted at me as if I was her dog.

Oh wonderful, just wonderful.

I took out one earphone, stopped and replied "how about this, you stop fucking calling me emo. My names Kyla and second I will do what I like now bye" I turned back around and put my earphone back in hoping she'd just let it go. Like that would ever happen.

"Hey, rude little bitch don't just turn around and act like we never were talking to you, little emo loser. And by the way Black Veil Brides suck there the worst band in the history of the world, like what boys wear makeup anyway? Haha, what a loser!" Georgia's boyfriend snapped back at me.


Hurt I was, I couldn't let him get away with it. One last time and then I'm going. I clicked the pause button on my iPod, turned around and pulled out my earphone. "Look, if I like their music I like their music. Also who are you to judge? Nobody's fucking perfect Morgan! And if you think they are then you are real missed up in the head! Maybe I am a loser and emo but at least I'm not a selfish fucking idiot like all of you, now just leave me alone." There I said it, that actually felt pretty good. I picked up my earphone, pressed play and carried on walking. When I reached the door, I stopped to see my reflection. They were all staring at me, Morgan and Georgia looking angry as hell. I smirked evilly, I had done what I wanted to have done. But at the same time I was scared, what would happen at break? Would they hurt me? That's happened before. Georgia, Clara and Amanda all came up to me with Morgan, Brendan and George. I was scared, confused and young. Georgia slapped me, were as Morgan punched. I never told my mother or farther. I said I had tripped. Anyway they never would have believe me. But if they did hurt me at break, I'd hurt them back, back then I was weak and defenceless. Now I guess you could say, more strong and powerful. Ha, ye right.  


Authors Note:

Hey Guys! So just wanted to know how many times a week or month would you like me to realise each chapter? Just curious if they should be more often or less. Please tell me in the comments if you are enjoying this book so far and also how did you find it? For example from the Youtube video or movealls its self? I want to know :) . Thankyou :D

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