After Hogwarts

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 30 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny go on an epic adventure, and they unearth some incredible finds...


8. "You're bloody brilliant"

The newly reunited family walked home (because you can't apparate inside Hogwarts) and made a nice cup of tea.  They sobbed and sobbed as they told Harry and Ginny about the torture and the starvation.  They had only been locked up for a few days, and already they had made a startling discovery: their captors where the Carrows!  The torture loving brother and sister who where thought dead after the battle.  And then it was Ginny's turn.  She told how Alíc had killed Arthur and told her he was her father.  They sat in silence until Harry broke it "I know what we do.  We send an owl to Hermione."

And so they wrote to tell her to come urgently and she appeared at their door a day later.  She stepped over the threshold and Ron followed.  They explained all the details that they couldn't in the letter and they sat and pondered over it with a cup of tea, until Hermione spoke, "Well, since Ron is head of Wizard Customs" (she smiled affectionately) "I had him see if there was anyone of the name 'Pusseltop' in the country at the moment, and nothing came up, which means that they were using a false name, and probably a disguise as well."

"Great" replied Harry, "so this narrows it down to anyone in the country, who could be called anything, who could look like anything."

"It's not all bad, you know.  At least I have a theory who it might be."

"And what's that?"  Asked Harry, not too hopefully.

"Well, I found a book about ancient warfare, and it said that if people are too devoted to their cause, then they won't stop fighting."


"So... the Carrows were known Death Eaters, and their bodies were never recovered.  I think this Alíc is really Aymcus Carrow."

"You're bloody brilliant, you are!"  Cried Ron.

"And now we need to know what to do about it"  Said Harry

"Isn't it obvious?  Harry looks for the Carrows, and I go after other ex-Death Eaters."

"No" said Ron stubbornly, "Harry, nor you, will go alone.  I will go with Harry, and Ginny with Hermione, that way, we're safe." He smiled triumphantly.

"So it's settled then!"  And the following morning, they packed their bags, had one last cup of tea, and set off in search of ex-Death Eaters and the Carrows.

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