After Hogwarts

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 30 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny go on an epic adventure, and they unearth some incredible finds...


9. The Stag

Harry and Ron thought it best go back to Hogwarts to try and wait for them and confront them, but after watching them go in and out for about 5 hours, they decided just to go for it.  Clearly they had different definitions of 'go for it', but nonetheless Harry lunged for them as they came out and caught hold of their robes.  The horrible, tightening,  squeezing of apparition class was back, and couldn't be over soon enough.

He landed face-first in some grass and quickly got up and looked around... nothing.   Not a whisper of the Carrows, only the occasional twitter of a bird in one of the many trees that surrounded him.  It was then he noticed the immense pain in his left shoulder.  He tried to move it and he could just about wiggle his fingers, but anything above the wrist was dead.  He had been splinched.  He pulled away the top of his jumper and almost vomited at the sight of the blood, bone and mangled gristle hanging on for dear life.  He quickly recalled how Hermione had saved Ron from splinching with essence of... what was it?  Essence of something... Dittany!  Essence of Dittany!  They had some of that in their bag - which was with Ron.  At Hogwarts.  He was now in an unfamiliar patch of forest.  Great.  So now he couldn't apparate, and he needed a way of getting a message to Ron without using owl.  He racked his brains of all his lessons at Hogwarts.  Nothing.  Then it occurred to him that maybe the solution lie outside of lesson.  He searched though all the times he had arrived late to a lesson and all the snide quips the teachers had given him.  There were rather a lot of those from Professor McGonagall!  He then searched where he had been late to school on the first day.  The runaway car didn't help, because he couldn't drive anyway, but then he remembered when Tonks had helped him in 6th year.  She had cast a spell of some kind to tell Snape to open the gate.  He then remembered a similar spell from Kingsley Shacklebolt at Bill and Fleur's wedding - he had asked about it and someone had said - a patronus!  He could cast a patronus to find Ron and tell him what had happened.  He took his wand from his pocket and cast the spell.  A small whisp of something came out of the end, but not a patronus!  He thought deeply about the last time he remembered his mother, telling him that she loved him.  He cast again and a huge white stag lept from his wand, cantered around a tree and then stood in front of him.  He gave the message and sent it on it's way, and, sitting down on the damp mossy root of a tree, he slept, clutching his arm for dear life.

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