New life

New school new bullies new hope new love new secrets new LIFE


1. the new school

I woke up and took a shower then I went to my wardrobe grabbed a dress with flowers and a flower headband and some high tops with and I ran down the stairs. "Need a lift sure thanks mum" got there and went to the gates "hay there new girl hi I'm felicity wow what your ugly I'm sorry u will be. I walked to my locker and it said 123 wow that's easy" then Louis came over "what u doing at my locker 124 I'm at my locker 123 oh no what u looking at slut"

I hate school why did god invent it I when to my next class "hello miss penn hi sit at the back all 5 boys will show u around school and will take care if u if there is any problems please tell me I will sir. Hay the slag is back what did u do *sigh* did u just sigh at me er no no i would never ringggg I when to my next class and walked in to Niall HAY watch it in sorry he said its kook dude sozz bitch back off and watch it yeah erm hurry he said as if he was forced. Okay I will watch where I go I walked if and cried"

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