Stole My Heart

Alice Watters is a pretty boring, average girl who is getting severely bullied until she meets the good guy....

Or is he?


2. Chapter One

Alice's POV

I slung my rucksack over my shoulder as I grabbed an innocent smoothie off of the shelf and kicked the door open, I was running late as usual.

"BYE MUM." I yelled, she was probably still upstairs straightening her hair and creaming her ass cheeks but I couldn't care less, she's such a narcissist it's unbearable. She raised me well, to be dignified, well spoken and well mannered but she isn't a very loving mother. My dad passed away when I was eleven so she has had complete control over my life since then and it's quite unbelievable that her of all women have taught me these skills. You would know what I mean If you knew her, but you don't.

I ran down the path and up to the corner of the road, waiting for Joe and Ariana to pick me up, they were always late and I predicted that they spent to much times kissing. I shuffled my feet around as I saw a familiar car turn the corner and come closer to me, my stomach churned as sweat beads formed on my forehead, I hated waiting here.

"OH LOOKS ITS THE LITTLE PROSTITUTE WAITING FOR A MAN TO PICK HER UP." Kelsey screamed with laughter, her little posse followed as she motioned for her slave, I mean boyfriend, to pull up next to me. I stepped back and rocked on my heels as she stepped out of the silver Mercedes and walked over to me, her heels clicking on the pavement but I was still taller than her.

"OMFG why are you so tall like shrink a little I'm pretty sure men don't want to get suffocated during sex, jeeesh." She smirked as her followers giggled and high fives her. Sluts.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled at how pathetic it was that they used the same jokes again and again. It really didn't affect me anymore.

"Look at me slut." She yelled, her voice demanding. I snapped my head up and looked her full in the eyes, she was so intimidating. Her dark red lips sat in a straight line as her perfectly curled hair bobbed around on her chest. She narrowed her dark eyes at me and dragged her finger down her lips seductively.

"Does the whore not like Kelsey Belsey?" She pouted and widened her eyes, her friends suppressing giggled behind her. I kept a straight face, this was a new one.

She suddenly moved forward and took hold of my cheek before dragging an acrylic black nail across it in a cross shape, her evil eyes locked on mine.

"Stay away from me you fat fucking lesbian, we don't want your STDs." She demanded and turned back to her car.

"Oh I almost forgot, Ariana forgot to pick you up today." She snorted and slammed her door before her boyfriend drove away. I held my hand on my cheek, blood dripping from it. She was right I was a slut and a whore I didn't deserve a cross on my cheek is as a sinner.

A few tears dripped down my face as I slid down the stone wall and brought my knees to my chest, I was partially tucked under the bush with my feet sticking out. I allowed a few sobs to slip out but I tried to hold them back, I couldn't be weak anymore. A loud sob wracked my body as I collapsed onto my knees and spilled my tears on the pavement.

I sat there for an hour or two before it happened.

I was just sitting there when someone tripped over me, my feet.

"HOLY-" They yelled before they hit the ground, I crawled out and looked at the boy starting to sit up, brushing off his jeans and tiding his hair. He didn't seem to notice me until I coughed and sneezed at the same time which is actually pretty normal for me...

"Jesus fucking Christ." The boy yelled and jumped backwards almost falling over for the second time. 

"Sorry for tripping you." I mumbled and stood up, brushing off my jeans and running a hand through my long hair. He looked at me but then shifted his eyes to the floor. 

Yeah i wasn't really watching where i was going either." He grinned cheekily and bit his lip which had a small ring on it. I smiled back and shuffled around, he was quite good looking but not really the type i would go for. 

He had blonde hair that was styled in a quiff, piercing blue eyes, tattoos all up his arms and a few peeking out of the top of his black t shirt and a an eyebrow piercing. Oh yeah and not to mention his really attractive lip ring that he kept fiddling with. 

"Well i better get going." I sighed and waved at him before starting to walk down my road. Will i ever meet this boy again? I turned back suddenly and saw him standing in the exact same position i had left him, his eyes glued to me. I raised my eyebrow and smirked as he quickly looked at his shoes, i laughed at his attempt to hide his creeping. 

"I never got your name." I grinned as he looked up smiling.

"Niall, Niall Horan." He held his hand out as a friendly gesture which i didn't really expect him to do with his image and all. I shook it and said my name.

"My name is Alice Watters, notice the double 't'." I grinned and looked at him, he was staring at my cleavage. Typical boy. 

"Eyes up here you perv." I tilted his chin upwards and he bit his lip. I giggled and patted his cheek. 

"Well hey i have to go now but nice meeting you Niall." I waved and walked on down the road, determined not to look back. I allowed myself to have a little peek and i have to admit i was a little disappointed when i saw he had gone.

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