Stole My Heart

Alice Watters is a pretty boring, average girl who is getting severely bullied until she meets the good guy....

Or is he?


1. Alice Watters

                                                  Alice Watters - 18 years old - 




Hi i'm Alice Watters and i'm eighteen years old.

I live a fairly normal life compared to everyone else around, note, i said fairly. Not completely.

You see, my lifes been a bit jumbled up at the moment, like i was put into a glass and shaken around for a few days, weeks, months... I could go one but i don't want to bored you. Yeah, i'm your typical English teen, obssessed with a boy band that doesn't know she exists, wants to be miss popularity and most of all needs a boyfriend to feed their popularity from. Except, i don't have a boyfriend and i don't want to be 'miss popular' like for gods sake isnt that like something i got over in year one or whatever.

I can be pretty sarcastic so watch out, miss snappys about, thats what Joe always says. Joe and Emma are my best friends since like birth. Our parents met in the hospital a day after we had all been born. Yep thats right, i was born on the same day as my best friends, laugh because everyone else does. Its pretty awesome to be honest because we can always cash out on a 'birthday extravaganza' if we add our bit in. Our sweet sixteen was a flippin sweet as a birthday can get. Joe and his girlfriend Ariana met there and shes pretty awesome, they're still together and i'm really jealous of their adorable relationship because im forever alone. It gets on my nerves sometimes just looking around and seeing all the happy couples and then you're just there like... Hey I feel kinda like a third wheel today, what fun!

So more about me, I'm pretty average I mean I'm not beautiful or anything but I'm not 'ugly' either I wouldn't say anyone is ugly because everyone is beautiful in a special way. I'm an average height, average, average. Boring boring average.

Same old same old.

I'm just the girl that not many people notice, I guess you could say I'm smart but that's not what makes me hide away from everyone, it's something else that I don't like talking about, it makes my heart heavy.

Everyday I am taunted and teased by little miss popular and her army of skanks. Thankfully I always have Joe and Emily by my side whenever something goes to far. Someone punched me in the stomach once and joe kicked them in he face, watch out bitches because Joe is soooo protective it's unbelievable but I'm not complaining.

So I guess I should tell you my story....

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