Entries of my mind


4. 4

Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, oh yes you can!

I run through the forest, following the patches of light. I snap a twig, making a loud bang echo through the canopy. The emerald trees are all around me, an accident waiting to happen. I trip up on a root and twist my ankle. I've got to keep on going, keep running. I can't stop. Not even if i want to, not even if it hurts. Because then they'll catch me. They'll torture me. If they have any mercy, they might even kill me.

So I get up, I don't even dust myself off, and I run. I run faster than a bird soaring through the trees, the adrenaline pumping through my veins keeping me going, despite the extreme pains shooting up my leg with every step that I take. I start breathing heavily. "No no no!" I shut at myself in my thoughts, "You have to keep going, keep running."

Deep down I know I'm right, but adrenaline and an average stamina only get you so far. My lungs start to burn, it gets harder to breath, my legs won't run anymore. They CAN'T run anymore. So, I stop.

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