Sticky Situation

"never stop reading"

Those were the last words my mother told me before she died.
strange right?
You would think that your parent would tell you they love you when they are dying, well not my mom.
she told me to never stop reading.
Since I was 8, when she died, I always wondered why she told me.
Now I know why, to prepare me for what I have to deal with now.
Its crazy how those words have helped me in this sticky situation.
Still, I wonder why and how she is connected to this crazy life.
She was just a librarian at the towns library, she read every book in there, except one.
My father checked it out and lost it.
During their time searching for it, they became close, and here we are now, me a single child, with a dad who is always working to keep a roof over our head, and motherless.
I remember her, but they keep chipping away slowly, I keep losing the amazing memories about her, and I keep losing the memories that could help me.
No wonder she told be to never stop reading.


2. My book, My rights.

This is my book. 

My rights are that you dont take any ideas from this book

thank you and enjoy

I will try to update as much as possible

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