i'm going to kill you!

well there is this guy that is going to murder your face off and feed it to the mother trucking slender tubbies... problem? DEAL WITH IT!


1. story 1. the slender tubbies.

"RUN!" Emily and Richard dashed around the corner not looking back running into the blackened vortex of the night, "i think we got away..." panted Richard as Emily crouched down to catch her breath when suddenly a truck pulled over beside them. naturally, they were taken over by their biological needs and curiosity. the swung open the truck door to find... nothing. both of them climbed in and Emily began to drive ever so terribly crashing into cones, lampposts and traffic lights but then a skeleton popped out making them swirl out of control falling into the oceen that can't swim. suddenly a window smashed and water seeped through making both of them float to the surface where they met the slender tubbies who then ripped their flesh off and swallowed it like a piece of chewing gum. (all richards idea)

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