Through The Dark!!!

Well my life is dark i got no family no friends no home just a runaway girl who runs away from her alcoholic dad till my savor comes and rescues me from the dark.


1. sneak



Come back bitch he slurred running after me  as he stumbled after drinking almost 10 cans of beer i

was clutching my stomach as it bled he probably stabbed it badly but i didnt give up running i stopped dead in my tracks and i knew he passed out on the streets i ran through the dark corners and ended up in my favorite abandoned park no one came here or knew this place i guess i dropped my bag on the bench  my stomach was hurting and more blood poured out my white unprotected dress was now turning into a red dress that's when my ears heard some footsteps drawing closer i stood the unbearable pain in my stomach made impossible to walk i was wobbling and crashed on the ground that's when the footsteps turned into running my heart pounded uncontrollably my breathing was heavy my head was dizzy and my body became numb the only thing i remembered was a pair of caramel eyes and being carried before i completely passed out.

           ZAYNS (POV)

 CRASH! i heard panick attack vas hapenin in the park i yelled no answer i ran and foun a numb body  a girls i couldnt leave like that i saw her bag and carried her her dress felt wet i carried her from the dark and wanted a prper look at her under the moonlight thats when i gasped in horor her dress had blood on it soaking, dripping is she murdered luckily i felt her heat beat i had no option but to take her with me it was a short distance her body was freezing her temperature dropped i ran to the gates and pounded at the door who is it? i heard Nialls shaky voice terrified being haunted by fans zayn i yelled open up! okay sheesh wait noo open i yelled he swung the door supp? he said and stopped talking but looked at the girl zayn who is she? i ignored and pushed him away from the door i took her to the guestroom and called our personal doctor the boys crowded me but i took no notice the doctor came and saw the girl can you go  outside while i check on her she said closing the door sure i said and the boys had confused looks i sat on the sofa and the they sat next to me what happened zayn, niall said still shocked? well i was heading to the park to have a bit of air and i heard a crash and on the park i found the girls body i couldnt leave her like that so i carried her and in the light i saw her whole dress was soaked with blood the boys gasped yeh i was shocked myself..Just then the doctor openned the door i have some news zayn well it looks like this girl is been stabbed with a bad dagger the boys went pale white on the face i was scared and she lost a lot of blood and she needs a lot of care and support so i bandaged her cut and cleaned her now she is okay but give her all the meals of the day goodbye she fled to the elavator  i knocked at the door and heard a come in i saw the girl she was around 18  she looked clean and she wore clean clothes and her stomach was bandaged are you okay i whispered kinda she shrugged anyway thank you for helping me she said as her green eyes twinkeled you welcome i smiled

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