Through The Dark!!!

Well my life is dark i got no family no friends no home just a runaway girl who runs away from her alcoholic dad till my savor comes and rescues me from the dark.


2. boys

zayns (pov) i knew the guys were probably eavesdropping boys i whistled the all stumbled in the room yh they said all together well i want you all to meet lily hey she said shyly waving her bony hands and tried to sit up on her bed hello im Harry said shaking her hand and gave it a kiss what a flirt she chuckled you know you dont have to gentle where i came from i barely got a hi harry looked as though pride was taking him over with her compliment hiya im niall said giving her hand a squeeze hello im liam said maturely shaking her hand hello she smiled sweetly hellooooo young lady louis said typical of him well im boobear well nice name she chuckled he grinned i got one of the most special names i know boobear she said cracking half a smile and i am zayn i said she smiled showing her beautiful pearly teeth nice to meet you zayn well what happened to you you are in a state niall asked worringly well she said her emotions drained away iii ran away she said as tears streamed on her face well im sorry for asking niall said looking ashamed its okay she said mopping her face with her sleeve my dad and i broke into an argument he kind of made me drop out of school the boys look spiteful which i didnt want so he stabbed me in the she stopped the boys looked white louis was crying lilys face went red with anger i dont care about him she screamed her voice high pitched yet she was croaking she buried her face on the pillow i have no one im just a nobody louis stood up and rubbed her back u know you always got boobear he said hugging her thanks she giving him a peck on the cheek i dont know but i got kind of a bad feeling in my stomach louis grinned and said whenever you need me dont hesitate but ask harry stood up and pushed louis aside well lily im sorry a pretty girl like you shouldnt suffer pretty? weli i was called names in my entire school life my own dad relies me as a loser you are just a kind haerted person i snorted she called harry nice the guy who can break up with a girl anytime you are a horgeous girl and you have got amazing eyes she blushed which made the pain in my chest more i left the room slowly i heard my phone ring it was perrie i wasnt in the mood of talkin but i decided to accept the call hello she said cheerfull her beautiful accent as stronger as ever hey beautiful i said smirking hello she said how come i cant hear the boys noises they always scream and shout yeah they are withthe new guest i lurted out who is the new guest she said doubtingly Its a girl named Lilyoh she said curiously and whose guest is it and this was the pary i know perrie would not trust me mine i said casually um zayn is lily your relative nope i said hesitating then i knew she cut the line why does she not trust i dont feel anything for Lily but some part of me knew i was lying and i had that feeling of jealousy when she gave louis a kis itried to push it aside but deep down i kind of wanted this girl to stay
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