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  • Published: 19 Mar 2014
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Earth haven. I heard that name and was intrigued to find the is an ecovillage. With off the grid power, and over 50 members at least 40 living in their 300+ acres of sustainable forest. They are a self sustaining community growing and raising their own food. They have 14 neighbor hoods with plots for about 2-8 houses each. They started in 1995, and hope to eventually get 150 living on the sight. Currently there are about ten children living there, from teens to babies. But just because they're off the grid and don't have large homes, doesn't mean they're uncomfortable. The opposite really, they do have electricity. from solar panels and hydro power. And when we have lost power in the middle of the winter and are freezing are buts off, they're sitting there completely warm. Part of this may be do to the fact they're in Carolina, there aren't many snow storms there. But they still have power when were in the dark. Contiune on page one


1. Ecovillage

They still use fossil fuels a little, its hard not to, they use it for refrigeration mostly. And of course they use it in their cars. But not all people there own cars, some of them work inside of Earthaven, using Erathaven's three solar powered golf carts to get around. There are children in Earthaven and it is a family friendly environment. Most of these children are homeschooled. But some of them go to S.O.I.L. Soil is a acronym that stands for "School Of Integrated Living" soil is a school in Earthaven. 

But Earthaven is not about school, its about being self sustaining, and it is. They grow food in their agricultural land, and raise pigs, sheep, chickens, and goats. There even some businesses in Earthaven about farming, like Useful Plants Nursery, and Yellowroot Farm. They fish in a pond in the forest, and are careful not to over fish.

They are completely off the grid and make their own power, most of the power is from a steam they take a small amount of water out of it and run it though a turbine to create electricity. This electricity is then stored in batteries until it is needed. Solar panels are also used. They are on top of every house and supply enough power for a lightbulb, a coffee grinder, and a computer at any given time. The rest is supplied from the batteries. 

Even their houses are built sustainably. They are small, and built from the trees cut down to make enough room for the house. All of the houses are built on slopes leaving the flat areas for farming. The houses are often straw  or cob houses, meaning they have straw bales or cobs inside the walls for insulation. And not all the houses are made of wood, one is made of old car tires. One of them is built into the side of a hill its called the hobbit house.

I'm actually going there in the fall and look forward to my visit with this bright little community.

Authors note: In the future I will probably be writing more on Earthaven. If you find any mistakes please point them out. Thankyou

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