The ShadowHunters

After intense years fighting demons,vampires, and other down worlders but after that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle go to a school which allows every down worlder to go to school for the very first time and there is a new shadow hunter that will be joining Clarissa fray Jonathan Wayland, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood come in contact with a powerful Shadow hunter at The Pandemonium.


6. Chapter six: My demise

In the years that i stayed with the lightwoods my life has changed dramatically because i am now engaged to Isabelle Lightwood soon to be Barahona in the days that pass Isabelle wants to spend time together but i have a lot of training yet she volunteered to train me so that we could spend time together until i landed on top of Isabelle but we were laughing until Jace came in and said "you to are canoodling while you are training", then Isabelle responded by saying "Just like you and Clary did while you were training her right jace", he got furious and decided to leave us alone while we continued my training but yet Isabelle kept doing it on purpose because she wanted me to get the hint that she wanted me to get her up in the rafters but yet i decided to use my vampire self to get myself up to the rafters as i did that's when i saw Isabelle looking down and saw that i was no longer on the floor as i stepped into the light and stood very quite as i approached Isabelle once i was close enough i decided to grab her by her breasts and take her up higher so that nobody could see us but that's when she stabbed me with seraph blade straight into my heart that's when i lost my grip on her then that's when she realized it was me and she started to cry but it took my body a while to regenerate from a Seraph Blade because it is holy while i am holy and unholy because i have different bloods running in my veins as i began to wake up i was in the medical wing of the institute that's when Isabelle heard me moan that's when she got so excited except for the fact that my cut still hurts from her Seraph Blade which penetrated my heart but she was so distraught by what she did that's when Maryse Lightwood she did look so pleased by what Isabelle did that's when Maryse realized the ring that isabelle was wearing had our initials on the side so Maryse started asking us why did i decide to get isabelle a ring when shadow hunter weddings do not accustom rings because they have runes that make our love pure between us yet i told it is just that we are getting married in the mundane world also in Idris and probably get married at Alicante because it is such a marvelous place with the demon towers that protect the city from demon attacks but it is absolutely amazing to see also Izzy and i are finally getting married Alicante and also amongst my friends and family in the mundae world.  

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