The ShadowHunters

After intense years fighting demons,vampires, and other down worlders but after that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle go to a school which allows every down worlder to go to school for the very first time and there is a new shadow hunter that will be joining Clarissa fray Jonathan Wayland, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood come in contact with a powerful Shadow hunter at The Pandemonium.


7. Chapter seven: My Wedding

As i start to realize that our wedding day is approaching around the corner i begin to panic because Izzy was so nervous about us getting married because we had a lot of things happen to us in the past but we have survived and are finally going to get married at Alicante in Idris. As the days go by Isabelle and i started being left alone at the institute because we are engaged plus her parents can trust us or can they any way as they all left we stood to protect the institute we kind sarted making out then it led to me grabbing her leg then pushing her into the wall then she pushed me then ran upstairs while i ran after her then i noticed her door to her room was open as i approached carefully that's when i saw Isabelle standing by her bed that's when i shut the door behind me and went to her and started making out with her because she is the love of my life. Once i was in Isabelle's room we started making out but i could not control my hands because they were all over Isabelle's body she she lkied it and she was moaning passionatelly every time my hands would grab her breast then i started taking off her beautiful white dress that's when she started taking off my clothes and we were in our underwear and she was wearing her bra plus we started to get naked and i could tell she was very beautiful because i wanted to make love to her since we are going to get married in April 12, 2014 but it is going to be at my prom but before i could insert myself in her she told me to put on a condom i looked at her she gave this look that said "you do want to make love to me right if you don't then you can leave my room", so i put the condom on and decided to insert myself into her and she started to moan passionately and one thing led to another we started to make love in her bed but she was so into it that i was surprised that she was enjoying it even if it is our first time actually making love to each other while we are alone in the institute but as i started touching her breasts she started moaning which made me want to go fast but she wants me to go slow because she wants us to take our time in between us having sex she would say my name but it sounded so sexy the way she would say me name while we were fucking because it was like this:


as she said my name i thrust my dick into her with pleasure as we started to go faster into making love i decided that it would be best if she faced towards the door and i will be inserting myself into her ass and she said

"Okay my love i will listen but if you fuck this up i am going to whip you with my whip and it will hurt a lot",

i agreed to her terms so i just inserted myself into her ass and i started thrusting myself into her and she was enjoying it because her breast her beating against her skin as i thrusted myself into her after we were done we both headed into our rooms and took an hour long shower and was very soothing to feel the water splash againgst my skin since i never took a shower because i never smelled except for the fact that i smelled horrible so as i took a shower Isabelle came into my room so shocked that she entered my shower and i looked at her then i said

"Izzy what is it you look like you have just seen a ghost",

"It wasn't a ghost it was something that barked then charged at me when i tried to enter my shower so idecided that i will take a shower with you since you smell so good and you obviously kiss like you have actually had a girlfriend before i met you david",

" Alright is is probably my dog",

"Wait you have a dog david why wasn't i told about your dog",

"I thought it didn't matter because i love you",

"Hold up you have a dog that i do not know about yet you expect me to let it slide because we had sex together",

"That's not what i meant entirely Isabelle i just thought us being together would not have a huge effect on Shae but it turns out she will defend us if there is something unholy plus i bet Shae scarded you right Isabelle",

"Shut up David she did not scare me maybe just a little bit, but i was frightend because she charged at me",

"That does not sound like Shae at all because she will never charge at another person unless she was protecting you from something darker trying to harm you i send shae over to your room because i sensed something dark was trying to get to you",

"Well i do not forgive her for charging straight at me because she was protecting me from something sinister david",

"Isabelle stay here until i find out what is wrong with shae until then write runes on my doors to protect yourself from demons entering my sanctuary",

Before Isabelle had time to respond i closed the door and drew a rune that was powerful enough to hold demons back, as i approached Isabelles door i heard shae fighting against something that was not their but as i opened the door there was a ember demon there and shae was fighting as entered she came to my side and i brought out my whip and i threw it into the demons head and i split it in half and it exploded which knocked me out and once i came to i was in the infarmany of the institute plus Isabelle looked so worried i spoke but no words came out then i realized i had the silence rune and i had enchanted cuffs which would burn me if i moved and isabelle looked at me she was crying and i just couldn't help but move and i did not feel any pain but i was actually hugging Isabelle because she severed the runes so now i can talk but she gave me a book which had my family's name on it and i did not quite understand so i asked Isablle:

"What is this Izzy",

"This a book that talks about you and is written in a language that no shadow hunter knows because it is not of this world",

As i opened the book it had details about me then i saw that it was in my mothers writting yet i did not understand why my own mother would be writting about me yet it has drawings of me and written in a language that only my mom and i knew not any other shadow hunter Pg.20:

In the many months that my child has been born he grows faster than any other shadow hunter child yet as he gets older he has this angelic ecsnce that is so captivating but at idris i met this women who's own child has the same angelic ecsence but yet my son and her daughter fell in love and her name is "Shae Vasquez" my son wanted to trim her hair but the spell went horribly wrong which then turned Shae into a dog so i had told him a lie that i got him a dog and that she will protect him from harm but shae still loves my boy plus she loves it when he would kiss her on the neck i could see tears coming out from her eyes but i did a spell so that she could talk to me i found out that my son did trim her hair but it was my son's father that turned into a dog it was not my son's fault.

I looked at Isabelle and i started crying because my girlfriend who i thought was dead was actually alive but as i kept reading the journal i found out that i was actually married amongst the mundanes but my mom but in the death certificate to protect her from my father so now i guess he was the one that has been hunting me down all those years that i spent running it was because of my father.

There something on the page that i found once i opened it i realized the pages that were missing were hidden in the cover of the book which is kind of werid because it was not like unless i unlocked a merory only i would have remebered because i was always around my mom then all of a sudden there was a rune that showed inside my head and then it became more visible then i looked torwards Isabelle but she was distracted by looking at the door then i saw where her stele was i reached out and grabbed it then i drew a rune that has a lot of twists and intersecting lines once i was done that's when the pages came out and i figured out that i am Half-Shadow Hunter, Half-Angel, and Vampire which makes me the deadliest Shadow Hunter ever to be part of the Cleave but it was worth defending Isabelle and Shae but it ended with me being in the infirmary and the handcuffed and was put the rune of soundless which means i could not talk until the rune was removed by the Cleave as soon as they came in and realized that i was no longer handcuffed they brought out their weapons then Isabelle came and stood in front of me as did Clary,Jace,Alec, and Simon which is an incredible moment for me but then the Lightwoods came to my side and decided that it was time that i told the real truth as i began telling the truth from which i remerbered from my past but then they looked at me that's when i realized there was something behind me yet only angels can get a drop on each other that's when it spoke to me but only in my head it said:

"My name is Zack and David you have been summoned by the lord",

"As you can see Zack i am a bit busy with my family at the moment",

"No, you have time for our lord you must answer the summons",

"Zack i will go with you if my wife comes with me i can not leave her here",

"Very well David she can come if you come with me",

"I accept your summons, i will go with you",

As Isabelle and i went with Zack because the lord has summoned me because i am a valuable asset   to have on there side because i am Half Nephilim, Half Angel, and Half Vampire so i decided that i would join the angels so now i am now known as the ArchAngel Ambrose i chose that name so that i could hide amongst the mundanes on earth. Once i told Isabelle she did not want me around her so i decided that i will live by self since i have a job amongst the humans also i have made about $300,000 in about a month from working with mobsters it is not an easy life but i need to prove that i belong to this group so i had to steal, rod, cheat, bribe, and kill just so that i could be part of the mobsters but i do not use the name Ambrose i use my old name David so that i could get the job done amongst the mobsters but at times i use my vampire powers to get on the guys/girls that can not pay their debts.

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