The ShadowHunters

After intense years fighting demons,vampires, and other down worlders but after that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle go to a school which allows every down worlder to go to school for the very first time and there is a new shadow hunter that will be joining Clarissa fray Jonathan Wayland, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood come in contact with a powerful Shadow hunter at The Pandemonium.


1. Chapter one: the introduction

In the years that followed protecting the mundanes from demons also in the following years they have all been sent to Pandemonium which is a school for all downworlders but it is an awesome school. Once they arrived at the school there runes did not work because everyone is suppose to see them then Isabelle sees this new guy at the school but he is to focused on what he is doing then she sees that he has a whip that is just like hers but it is red and he has more skills then she does with the whip and then he brings out a shadow hunter's blade and kills a demon then the principal gets him in trouble but then they realized that it was a demon in disguised they let him off the hook because he protected me from the demon.

Isabelle's Point Of View 

As we walked in the guy that just saved me just kept looking at me it was so hypnotic and it was like he could read my deepest thoughts and invade my darkest desire's.

David's Point Of View

Once me and my friend James walked in i told him that i sensed a demon around us he just started laughing then i saw the demon lunge it self at a shadow hunter that's when i threw me whip and it struck his chest then i stabbed it with my blade and it disappeared in front of everyone's eyes if it was not for james being there i would have gotten in trouble on my first day at Pandemonium.

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