The ShadowHunters

After intense years fighting demons,vampires, and other down worlders but after that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle go to a school which allows every down worlder to go to school for the very first time and there is a new shadow hunter that will be joining Clarissa fray Jonathan Wayland, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood come in contact with a powerful Shadow hunter at The Pandemonium.


4. Chapter four: Clary and Jace

After hodge left my team and i went after a dragon demon and we got a little bit of help from David and his shadow hunter team luckily he saved just in time because isabelle got knocked out by this demon and i felt responsible for her because she is part of my team. Then i saw this bright red light then that's when i saw other shadow hunters but they all carried the initials of D.S. on all their armor then that's when david appeared and started attacking the demon and then killed it next thing i knew he walked where isabelle was then he said an enchantment then she came back to life but then she hugged david and gave him a kiss on the cheek. After that day i have always hated david's guts because he thinks since he is a shadow hunter hybrid he can do what ever he wants but if the cleave send him to help us i a sure you i had everything under control but since hodge left we have no one to heal us once we get wounded in our battles against demons but my sister clary seems very interested in david but i do not know why she finds him so enticing. 

Clarissa Point Of View

As i began walking to lunch that's when i saw david lurking in the shadows and just staring at me but i think he is quiet fine because he is so hot and the way he stare's at me is so hypnotic it is like he has me under a spell but also Isabelle likes him because he saved her from a demon attack but he was injured because when he landed on his side he ended up stabbing himself in the back with an enchanted blade that he used to kill a demon.

Isabelle's Point Of View

When i saw david staring at Clary i decided that i should let him stare at who ever he wants but he wasn't staring at Clary he was staring at me but i was wondering why he was so interested in me  but yet he looks handsome and dangerous but it seems like he has a caring side but it is locked away because he does not want to feel any emotions.

David's Point Of View

Some times i wonder what me life would be like if i were to actually open the door which has my emotions locked away because of what happened to my girlfriend lena and my unborn son but i could not find my daughter who was hiding in a secret place that i built for her and me because we had a strong bound but i understand if she ran away because she thought i was dead but i came back because Valentine brought me back to life by ancient ritual that is in my family's grimoire book. As the days passed that's when i realized that maybe my daughter is dead but i feel like she is alive because her powers are stronger but my powers can tap into my family's powers i was never born with powers but i had a strong sense that there was more in this world than anything.

As i was walking past Isabelle and Alec that's when Isabelle called me and:

"Wanted to know if i had a girlfriend",

i responded by saying:

" No, i do not have a girlfriend",

that's when she decided to say:

"Well david now then i was wondering if you would like to be my boyfriend",

that's when i decided to say:

David: "Yes, i would like you to be my girlfriend however aren't you with Simon",

Isabelle: "Well it is complicated right now so i guess we are not together any more",

David: "Sorry to hear that i did not mean to bring it up",

Isabelle: "How come Clary can not stop staring at you, babe",

David: "I do not know darling all i know is that i love you",

As soon as i got back to my dorm room that's when some body came behind me and covered my eyes then i had to guess who but i automatically knew it was my best friend since elementary and then that's when i said:

David: "Is this Adeline my dearest best friend in the entire world!!!!!",

Adeline: "How did you know it was me david",

David: "I knew it was you because of your british accent",

Adeline decided to go out with Jace and Clary because they invited Adeline. Mean while Izzy and i decided that we should go to City of Dreams because she has always wanted to go but her parents will not let her go because they say it is dangerous, yet i convinced her parents to let me take her to City of Dreams and i will bring her back safely.



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