Lies , secrets and love(niam&nouis&larry)

So it first starts off with Hiam and Nouis, then it goes to Larry and Niam, then the last one is LILO... And as for Harry and Niall ... That's a surprise.


1. movies&dates.

Liam's pov

"Liam , Everything will be fine." My best mate Lou calmed me while I was prancing around like a freakin' baboon at a waterslide.

"I'm just so nervous Lou , why on earth did you set me up on a double date with a person I barely know!" I shrieked.

"Trust me, everything is gonna be alright! And besides, you need it. It's best to see my favorite guy friend out on a date instead of watching, weird chick flicks on a Friday night while eating a huge bowl of ice-cream with chocolate sauce covered all over you're mouth." He chuckled. But I did agree with the boy, I need to get out abit, and let loose you know?

"Ok, I just received a text from Niall saying his outside the cinema with his mate."I nodded.

"Are you ready Li?" I hesitated at first, but followed the older lad towards the entrance.

Well, it's now or never.

Harry's pov :

"Niall, why did you have to set me up on a double date with a person I barely even know!" I whined while Mr.Leprechaun chuckled.

"Aww, haz, quit complaining and be happy for once. This date will be much better than you always sitting at home and yelling at the Telly on a Friday night." I laughed dryly at my mates remark.

"Yea, I guess you're right ... But can I ask you a question." He nodded.

"Well, um ... Is he hot?" Niall chuckled but immediately shut his mouth once he saw how serious I really was.

"I don't know haz, I haven't met him. The only thing Lou told me was, he is 18. And we both know how much you love older people." Niall made me chuckle when he wriggled his eyebrows at me.

"Ok, we're here. Let me just send Lou a text telling him we're here." I nodded as I felt my hands start shaking, so I popped them in my hoodie.

We waited for at least a 1min or 2 till they came.

Niall immediately ran into Louis arms, not caring if anyone else was looking. They both gave eachother a passionate kiss while me and ... My date stood still watching their every move.

Can someone say awkward.

"Oh, Liam, meet Harry and Harry, meet Liam." I walked up to the boy and gave him a handshake along with a 'hi'. I didn't know what he looks like yet, since I'm to shy to even look him in the eyes.

"Ok guys! Let's go and watch our movie." Niall cheered while charging for the 2 doors which lead us to our movies with Louis trailing behind.

"So,um,you ready?" He asked me in his British accent.

"Y-yeah ... Let's go." I looked down, trying so hard to cover my face which is probably a bright, crimson pink/red.

Well, here goes nothing.


Sorry for the short chapter,but I'd like it if you also comment,follow and like and fav! Thanks a bunch<3

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