Lies , secrets and love(niam&nouis&larry)

So it first starts off with Hiam and Nouis, then it goes to Larry and Niam, then the last one is LILO... And as for Harry and Niall ... That's a surprise.


2. dinner for 4?

"Niall Timothy James Horan" I slammed the door while running after the older lad who's currently screaming with laughter.

"Yes, my darlin' Harold Edward Milward Styles" he winked, making me roll my eyes.

"What you did was completely and utterly humiliating !" I took off my hoodie and popped it on the rack.

"Aww c'mon haz, it wasn't that bad !" He chuckled.

I scoffed,"you knew this was my FIRST date, and yet, you leave me alone with one of the hottest guys on the planet !" I groaned and threw one of our cushions at the older lad.

"So? It was bound to happen sometime." He shrugged and switched on the Telly.

I was practically fuming at this point,"I FARTED ON HIM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!" I yelled, which made Niall burst into laughter.

I practically had it at this point and charged for Niall, and since he was lying down on the couch, I had a better advantage.

"Harry, what are you-NO, p-p-please s-s-s-stop !!" Niall laughed while struggling to get out of my grip.

I was practically straddling Ni, tickling him to death.

A frown was out on my face once I heard the doorbell ring.

"This isn't over." Were the last words I said before heading towards the front door.

"WAIT, HARRY-" before I could stop myself, the door opened, revealing Louis !

And Liam... Oh god !

"-Dinner for 4 ?" Niall smiled oh so innocently next to me, making me glare at him.

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