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2. TWO

"Hold her down." a female shouted above someone's scream. The scream that could be heard was filled with pain and agony. It took me awhile to realise that I was the one screaming as something gets tugged out from my back. When the item from my back was finally extracted, it left my back raw. I gritted my teeth as I felt the aftereffects of it. I sat up, noticing the room for the first time, completely white, like the clothes the doctors and nurses had on when they were working on me. As soon as they were done with me, the people in white, started leaving the room. Only one female remained in the room, seated on a chair beside me. The only other thing in the room was the operating table that I was lying on. A tag with the word Kimberly was pinned to her top.


"What's your name, girl? Do you have anyone that we can contact? Your parents, perhaps?" she asked, smiling. I stayed silent as I tried to recall. When nothing came to mind, I just continued staring at her. The only thing I remembered was the three shining figures that danced in front of me but that felt more like a dream. The pain from my back remained sore from earlier. I felt for the bandage that was wrapped around my body, stroking the part where my wound was. Kimberly took a box with six sharp knives, all of which are covered in blood, attached to the box facing a single direction from her clothes and placed it in front of me before explaining. "We just got this out from your back. Do you have any idea what this is?" I shake my head, looking at the mysterious item, wondering what it was that makes it seem so familiar to me. "Well then, you are very lucky to be alive. If it had not been for your brother, you may no longer be here." she told me.


"Brother? I have a brother?" I asked, intrigued by the sound of it. My eyes however, lingered on the strange box. "May I have that?" I asked.


"This box? Oh no, honey, I'm sorry. The police are currently doing an investigation on it but not to worry, I'm sure they will catch the suspect." she assured me as she ushered me out of the room into a corridor. Rejected or disappointed wouldn't even begin to described what I had felt. It was like loosing a part of myself.


A man in his early 20s came to greet us, introducing himself as Jon, just as we exited the room. He had on faded blue jeans and a green shirt, matching the colour of his eyes. His hair flew wildly with the slight breeze from the wind. My heart raced and I could hear it thumping loudly in my ears. At the same time, my face grew hot and my palms started to sweat profusely. It was a strange sensation. As our eyes met, I saw his face turned red. He hurriedly thanked the nurse before turning tail and ran. I chased after him, desperate for any answers which he may be able to provide about me. When I finally caught up to him, it was outside the building where he had stopped running. A man started shouting as he ran towards us, waving his gun around.


"Let's get out of here." he told me as he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. His hand felt warm and nice, soothing my skin with his touch. At this moment, I trusted him, put my faith in him as we ran from the shouting man.


"Are you really my brother?" I asked him once I got my breath back. We had ran into the cover of the forests to escape.


"Of course not. But I had to think of something otherwise they wouldn't treat your wound and you were bleeding really badly too." he answers.


"Oh." I let out, feeling disappointed yet my hopes were up at the same time. "Do you know who am I?" I asked.


"No." he answered. "But I have something that might help." he continued, pulling out a box with six sharp knives, all covered in dried blood. I was overjoyed at the sight of the box. It was the one connection that I had, to me. I hugged him, thanking him, all the while. Taken aback at first but he too, returned all that I gave. "Where will you be heading to?" he asked when we finally pulled away from each other's embrace.


"Someone, somewhere should be able to tell me what this is." I answered. "I have to find them."


We travelled together and with each passing day, hopes of finding the answer, diminished slowly but at the same time, our feelings for each other grew stronger and stronger. We were about to give up our search and lived the rest of our lives together, that was, until someone found me.


"Why are you following us?" Jon demanded as he threw the man onto the floor.


"Amity! You're Amity! I finally found you." the man cried with tears flowing from his eyes.


"Who are you?" I questioned. I wasn't about to let him go, not until I found out who he was and what he had wanted with us, with me.


"You don't recognized me? But I'm your father! I have been searching for you for a long time and I've finally found you!" he exclaimed. The tears from his eyes has not stopped flowing. Then, at that instant, an image of the dancing figure flashed into my mind, with a single word that sounded clear amongst all the murmurs. 'Liar!'

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